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Absolute Aphrodisiac

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  • 1ml (15 Sprays)
  • 3ml (45 Sprays)
  • 5ml (75 Sprays)
  • 8ml (110 Sprays)


Absolute Aphrodisiac by Initio is a seductive and enchanting fragrance designed to captivate the senses. This luxurious scent is centered around a rich and velvety accord of white chocolate, seamlessly blending with the deep and sensual notes of oud.

Complemented by the sweet warmth of vanilla and the subtle spiciness of cinnamon, it creates an intoxicating aroma that exudes sensuality and allure.

Absolute Aphrodisiac is a decadent olfactory experience that leaves a lingering trail of indulgence and sophistication.

Absolute Aphrodisiac
Absolute Aphrodisiac Sale price€7,12