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  • 1ml (15 Sprays)
  • 3ml (45 Sprays)
  • 5ml (75 Sprays)
  • 8ml (110 Sprays)

Pacific Chill by Louis Vuitton, an olfactory journey that transports you to the serene shores of the Pacific Ocean. With invigorating top notes of crisp sea breeze and refreshing citrus, this fragrance captures the essence of cool ocean mist.

As it develops, hints of aquatic florals and smooth driftwood evoke the tranquility of a secluded beach at dawn. A base of amber and musk adds depth and warmth, leaving a lingering impression that embodies the essence of luxury and relaxation. Pacific Chill is your passport to a refreshing escape.

PACIFIC CHILL (NEW!) Sale price€6,24